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has developed unique specialty fabrics leveraging the limitless versatility of our spunbond nonwoven process.

By manipulating the material composition and precisely controlling the production methods, we are able to create nonwoven fabrics with superior function and form for almost any purpose.

Livsen Nonwoven Specialty Fabrics

Featured Product:

This open-cell material was specially developed for scratch protection. SF-MAX has proven to be superior in its ability to resist abrasive forces. It is ideal for sensitive painted surfaces, glass screens and monitors.
SF-MAX Micro

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By combining 50% polypropylene with 50% polyethylene, we have developed a superior, extremely durable soft-touch open cell nonwoven fabric.
(Available in white only.)
This 100% polypropylene open cell nonwoven material has unmatched softness in a black color fabric. Our special micro-fiber melt blown process produces a finer material that is exceptionally soft to the touch.
(Available in black only).
Color Nonwoven