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Instead of weaving yarn together, the fabric is bonded directly by mechanical, chemical or thermal treatment. The fabric properties, such as filtering, heat preservation, water absorption, water retention, electrical insulation, electrical discharge, are determined by the production method, such as web forming, web bonding or use of adhesives.

The production methods used, and the resulting properties they produce, can be manipulated to precisely fulfill the desired end purpose of the fabric.

Livsen PP Nonwoven Features
  • Various external appearances are possible; the fabric can be made to look and feel like paper
  • The thickness can be adjusted to any requirement
  • The fabric will not wrinkle
  • The fabric and adhesive consist mainly of polymers, which give it excellent wrinkle resistance and shape stability
  • Unlike woven fabric, the ends will not fray
  • The fabric can be cut in any direction'
  • Very high strength
  • Excellent bulkiness
  • The fabric will retain heat
  • It can absorb water, insulate or conduct
The Livsen Nonwoven Process (SSMMS)