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Perfect Packaging
has taken its unique specialty fabrics and created products to meet the most demanding requirements.

These products have unmatched performance and can be further modified to exactly fit any needed application.

Livsen Nonwoven Specialty Products:
Superior cushioning of 0.4 mm of PE-Foam combined with the incredible strength of a tough 30 gram layer of Jesbon BICOMP Nonwoven, PROTEC is ideal for sensitive painted surfaces, glass screens and monitors.
Protec - R
An even mightier version of PROTEC, PROTEC - R has a plush 0.8 mm PE-Foam laminated with an almost impenetrable 40 gram layer of Jesbon BICOMP so it can be returned and reused through many product cycles.
This product is composed of a 12 micron LD-PE sandwiched between two 12 gram layers of Jesbon fabric. This provides absolute moisture protection with the benefit of a nonwoven appearance.
Named after our SF-MAX specialty fabric, the SF-MAX product is specially designed for superior anti-scratch and moisture protection by combining a 12 micron layer of LD-PE with our SF-MAX fabric.